Wespine Timber



Structural Timber

Our pine framing is gauged to provide a smooth surface to accurate dimensions. This makes it easy to handle and work with to a high degree of accuracy. The timber is mechanically graded and tested to ensure that every piece meets the same high standard for strength, stiffness and durability.

Pine doesn't conduct heat or electricity, has a great capacity to absorb impact and temporary overload which may occur in cyclones and earthquakes. This means added safety—on the job and after the house is finished. Cupboards, pictures, windows, air-conditioning and skylights can easily be installed in a timber framed house both during construction and when doing subsequent renovations.

A timber-framed house doesn't readily transmit noise or heat and Pine framing is an environmentally sound choice. We all breath a little easier!


Wespine Blue

Wespine Blue is resistant to termites and European house borers in Australia and is designed to perform in hazard level H2F. Homeowners may rest easy knowing that the structural timber components of their homes are termite and borer protected. Wespine Blue uses a synthesised organic compound based on pyrethroids found naturally in chrysanthemum daisies, It is a low hazard material.

Wespine Blue has been exhaustively tested and researched by CSIRO and other organisations. The Wespine Blue protective treatment does not cause fastener corrosion or problems with plasterboard adhesion or painting. Wespine Blue treatment is guaranteed for 25 years by Osmose Australia, the world’s largest timber treatment supplier. Once your building is constructed using Wespine Blue, it is an enduring asset and enduring selling point as the guarantee maybe transferred to new owners.

Wespine Blue is dyed a blue colour and marked for easy identification. This distinguishes it from untreated Pine and also makes it easy in the unlikely event that you need to claim on the 25-year Osmose guarantee.


Supapine Treated Timber

Supapine protects against termites, rot and fungal decay. This protection is impregnated into the timber giving an extended warranty of up to 50 years. Supapine is light, durable and easy to use. You may work Supapine like any ordinary timber, painting or staining it in exactly the same way as untreated timber. To retain that ‘newly built’ look, simply apply a water repellent coating from time to time.

Supapine is treated to H3 or H4 hazard class in accordance with Australian Standard AS 1604. Structural sizes are machine stress graded in accordance with AS1684. This means reliability and peace of mind. Supapine, with a structural rating is kiln dried after treatment. This makes it highly stable, strong and able to hold nails well.


Landscape timber

WESPINE's Landscape timbers range includes garden sleepers and fencing products. Garden sleepers are supplied in 2 handy sizes 200 x 50 mm and 200 x 75 mm. Each size comes in 4 different lengths 1.2, 1.8m, 2.4 and 3.0 metres. These sleepers can be used for a variety of purposes such as garden edging, walking paths and steps.

Fencing products include posts, rails and palings. The posts are 125 x 75 mm and can be ordered in lengths of 1.8m, 2.4m, 2.7m and 3.0m. The rails are either 75 x 38 mm or 100 x 38 mm in lengths of 4.8m (pole spacing of 2.4m). The palings are all 150 x 17 mm and come in lengths of 1.5m, 1.8m and 2.4m.