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What is Wespine Blue?

Wespine Blue is affordable, plantation-grown treated pine framing. It protects against termites (excluding Mastotermes darwiniensis) and European house borers under hazard conditions that are described as H2F by Australian Standard 1604 (i.e. dry, above ground, protected from weather and moisture).

Wespine Blue is resistant to termites and European house borers in Australia

Specifically, Wespine Blue preservative fluid is approved for protection of framing and construction timber in H2F applications (interior and protected from direct weather and moisture) against attack by the major pest termite species (e.g. Coptotermes spp, Schedorhinotermes and Cryptotermes). The preservative is not, approved at this time for protection of timber against Mastotermes darwiniensis which is common in Northern Australia. Wespine Blue treated timber is not to be used in applications north of the Tropic of Capricorn.

Wespine Blue lets homeowners rest assured that the structural timber components of their homes are termite and borer protected. Even if termites or borers get into the home, they will not damage any framing made from Wespine Blue.

What treatment is applied to the timber?

Wespine Blue is treated with small amounts of bifenthrin, a synthetic pyrethroid, in a water base with a blue dye for easy identification. The solution is applied by in-mill spray equipment. It quickly penetrates the timber; the water then evaporates leaving the active ingredient behind.

Wespine Blue is included in Australian Standards and is approved by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) as meeting the requirements of H2 class for protection against termites and borers—including the European House Borer (EHB)—south of the Topic of Capricorn. It is marked as H2F.

Bifenthrin, the active ingredient in Wespine Blue, has a long track record in wood protection. Wespine applies the treatment using a spray unit in a carefully controlled and audited process. The treatment creates a protective envelope for the timber in its final shape and form.

Wespine Blue is a low hazard material

Wespine Blue has a low-hazard potential for timber users and home occupants in the handling, construction and permanent state.

Wespine Blue uses bifenthrin, a very effective synthetic pyrethroid, in the outer envelope of the timber. This envelope treatment minimises the quantity of bifenthrin used and thus minimises any risks to the environment or to those handling the timber. Is is applied in a water-based solution with a low-toxicity dye. When sprayed onto the timber and allowed to evaporate, the volatile organic compounds potential is negligible.

Two independent reports into occupational health and safety issues state that Wespine Blue does not overall possess significant toxicological properties. It is not considered to be a sensitising, teratogenic, reproductive, mutagenic or carcinogenic hazard to humans. Moreover, Wespine Blue has been approved for use as a termite and borer resistant material by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority, state timber marketing acts and Australian standards. This approval includes safety when used as intended.

Wespine Blue has been exhaustively tested and researched

Extensive testing of the effectiveness of Wespine Blue treatment against termites has been carried out for over three years in four locations in Australia. The organisations conducting this test work are respected and accredited testing service providers. They include the CSIRO Division of Forest Products, and the NSW and Queensland Department of Primary Industries Forest Research Laboratory.This testing has supported registration by the APVMA (formerly the NRA), Australian Standards and complementing State Legislation.Other attributes of the treatment and the treated timber have been examined and reported on by suitably qualified agencies or companies.

Comprehensive testing and mill trials have confirmed that Wespine Blue is effective in creating a envelope treatment zone around radiata and pinaster pine framing timber. Extensive field trials carried out by CSIRO and the Department of Primary Industries in Queensland in accordance with established industry protocols have confirmed that Wespine Blue is highly effective in protecting timber against (1) common, economically important species of termites in Australia and (2) borers including the European House Borer.

Wespine Blue is compatible with building components for timber

Wespine Blue treatment is waterbased and does not cause problems for other trades or building components. Specifically, the treatment does not cause fastener corrosion or problems with plasterboard adhesion or painting.

Wespine Blue is good to the environment

Unlike almost all other building materials, timber from managed plantation resources has a net positive environmental profile. Up to 50% of dry wood is carbon, absorbed from the atmosphere by growing trees. The pine frame of a single house can lock several tonnes of carbon out of the atmosphere, reducing the effects of climate change. (See: www.watimberframing.net.au)

Moreover, the Wespine Blue treatment is resource efficient. The envelope treatment and the use of bifenthrin as active ingredient mean that the treatment uses the least possible amount of man-made chemicals and energy—while providing long term protection against termites.

Wespine Blue is low hazard and does not result in hazardous or intractable wastes. Independent reports are available that review waste handling and end of service disposal. Combustion products are similar to that of untreated timber.

Wespine Blue may be disposed of safely

Wespine Blue treated timber waste and offcuts can be disposed of or handled with normal untreated wood wastes in most cases (incineration, chipping, landfill, mulching). Wespine Blue treated timber wastes are not recommended for cooking fuel or as furnish for animal bedding or litter.

Wespine Blue has a 25-year guarantee

Wespine Blue is covered by a conditional, transferable 25-year guarantee by Osmose Australia, the world’s largest timber treatment supplier.

  • The guarantee includes repair and/or replacement of Wespine Blue that has structurally failed due to termite or borer attack.
  • The guarantee is transferable to new owners during the 25-year period.
  • The guarantee does not cover damage to other parts of the home such as plasterboard, cupboards, etc, that may be attacked by termites or borers.
  • Builders and owners should consider regular inspection for termites and borers, but this is NOT a requirement of the Wespine Blue guarantee.

The Wespine Blue treatment is evidenced on the timber by the brand, “H2F” and a date stamp. To claim on the guarantee, the home owner simply need contact Wespine or Osmose to establish a claim.

The Osmose 25-year transferable conditional guarantee and documentation system means that the Wespine Blue treated structure is not only protected, but becomes a valuable asset and feature to any subsequent buyers. And the distributor, pre-fabricator or merchant is covered for the long term.

Wespine Blue is easily identified

Wespine Blue is marked with date of production and H2F treatment type (meaning that it is effective against termites and borers, including the European House Borer, south of the Tropic of Capricorn). It is dyed blue for easy identification. To claim on the guarantee, the home owner simply need contact Wespine or Osmose to establish a claim. Further details are available from Osmose Australia Pty Ltd.

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