Wespine Blue FAQ

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Where is Wespine Blue approved?

Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) approval for Wespine Blue was granted February 2003. AS 1604 Timber Utilisation Marketing Act (QLD) Timber Marketing Act (NSW).Timber that is approved for hazard level 2 or higher under AS1604 is deemed to be a termite resistant building material according the Building Code of Australia and AS3660.1 - Termite management - New building work.

Are there occupational health and safety issues?

Wespine Blue has been approved by the government regulator, state timber marketing acts and Australian standards for its use as a termite and borer resistant material. This approval includes safety when used as intended. Precautions include using simple protective measures that should be used when handling and using timber based materials.

What are the service conditions for Wespine Blue?

Service conditions for Wespine Blue treated softwood framing are internal, above ground, dry, and potentially subject to attack by termites or borers south of the Tropic of Capricorn in Australia. In addition to these standard service conditions, building timber may be subject to temporary weathering for up to three months while material is in storage and the frame is in construction. These service conditions correspond to a Hazard Class H2F environment as defined in AS1604.1. During this period Wespine Blue timber should be kept clear of the ground and stored so that it remains straight and true. Normal exposure during transport and storage will not reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.

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