Supapine Treated Timber

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Supapine is our range of preservative treated timbers for external or below ground applications.

  • Supapine protects against termites, rot and fungal decay.
  • This protection is impregnated into the timber giving an extended warranty of up to 50 years. Link to treatment chemical supplier Osmose Australia for details of product guarantee
  • Supapine is light, durable and easy to use.
  • You may work Supapine like any ordinary timber, painting or staining it in exactly the same way as untreated timber. To retain that ‘newly built’ look, simply apply a water repellent coating from time to time.
  • Supapine is treated to H3 or H4 hazard class in accordance with Australian Standard AS 1604. Structural sizes are machine stress graded in accordance with AS1684. This means reliability… and peace of mind.
  • Supapine, with a structural rating is kiln dried after treatment. This makes it highly stable, strong and able to hold nails well.
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