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Pine framing in a house under construction Wespine Structural Pine framing timber provides simple and fast construction using environmentally friendly products. The timber is produced to the exacting standards required for AS1684. Whether you're building a single storey house or a large multi-residential development, pine framing should be the naturally smart choice.

  • Our pine framing is gauged to provide a smooth surface to accurate dimensions. This makes it easy to handle and work with to a high degree of accuracy.
  • The timber is mechanically graded and tested to ensure that every piece meets the same high standard for strength, stiffness and durability.
  • Pine doesn't conduct heat or electricity, has a great capacity to absorb impact and temporary overload which may occur in cyclones and earthquakes. This means added safety—on the job and after the house is finished.
  • Cupboards, pictures, windows, air-conditioning and skylights can easily be installed in a timber framed house both during construction and when doing subsequent renovations.
  • A timber-framed house doesn't readily transmit noise or heat.
  • Pine framing is an environmentally sound choice. We all breath a little easier!

The most important financial commitment you'll ever make

Purchasing a home is probably the most important financial commitment that you'll make in your life. So it's essential that the materials which make up your home are high-quality and have been proven reliable over many years.

Pine framing ticks all the boxes and is widely acknowledged as the #1 solution in Australia for home construction.

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