Our Certifications

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Our largest supplier of sawlogs, the Forest Products Commission (FPC), complies with the Australian Forestry Standard AS 4708 (AFS). Approximately 80% of all of WESPINE's sawlogs are supplied by FPC.

Forest Products Commission AFS Certification


WESPINE is certified under the Australian Wood Packaging Certification Scheme (AWPCS).

WESPINE's AWPCS Certficate.


Under JAS-ANZ authority Engineered Wood Products Association of Australia certifies WESPINE to the Plantation Timber Certification Scheme. This certification ensures that Wespine’s manufacturing processes are audited regularly thereby ensuring all structural product meets or exceeds the exacting requirements of AS/NZS 1748 and all the standards referenced therein.


In producing the WESPINE Blue range of structural products, WESPINE manages its Bifenthrin in-line spray system to meet the exacting requirements of AS 1604.1. This includes regular independent analysis of finished product by a NATA accredited laboratory.


Please contact us for details of any of our certifications or for any queries. 

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