About Wespine

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WESPINE Industries is jointly owned by Wesfarmers Limited and Fletcher Building Limited. We are a softwood sawmiller, specialising in the production of Pinus radiata, a premium quality plantation timber. Our product range includes dressed, stress graded and preservative treated timber, suitable for construction, renovations and furniture manufacturing.

The WESPINE sawmill has operated since 1985. In 1991/92, we signed an agreement with the Government of Western Australia to purchase sawlogs produced by state owned and private pine plantations, over a forty year period. Under the agreement,we committed to construct and operate a sawmill that would make full use of the economies of scale provided by the deal, producing timber for sale throughout Australia and the countries of the Pacific Rim. Our sawmill’s capacity is approximately 200,000 m3 output per year.

Quality Products. Reliable Supply.

Whether you're a DIY builder or a major wholesaler, WESPINE will be happy to answer any questions you might have about our products. To buy our products, we have a range of distributors available.

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